Dear Teddy bear friends,

Teddy Dalia LTD Edition - (50cm) only 55,-€

Limited Edition teddybear from the 2019 Winter collection, only 499pcs produced! 50cm in size.

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Every bear maker knows the problem with online shopping - the fabric actually fit my ideas, color, hair length, how does the fabric feel?
Brand new, we offer you from most of our fabrics samples in the size 10 x 10 cm. With a fabric sample of this size, the color, hair length and texture of the fabric are really good to see.
For each sample 1, - € as costs, we ship within Germany up to 5 samples without further postage costs to other countries it will be 3.90 € .
Order up to 5 fabric samples and you will receive a voucher for the sample costs, which you will be credited with an order.
For example, you order 4 samples for a total of 4, - € and then receive a voucher for 4, - €, which you can redeem when placing an order.

via world wide web our shop reach all the world ....

In the moment we are translating the online shop items step by step...

Our little hedgehogs are made fast and a great autumn decoration or a nice individual gift.

  • Everything for bearmakers
  • No minimum order
  • quantity of fabrics already from 10 x 70 cm
  • Hedgehog Mohair in 3 hair lengths already from 10 x 35 cm
  • Eyes are sorted in pairs
  • self-dyed one-off fabrics
  • Creative crafting packs ...


Orders from outside Germany for more than 250, - €  get free shipping, for technical reasons the shipping costs are not automatically deducted, but are refunded by us. For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@baerenlaedle.de.