fabric samples 10 x 10 cm

fabric samples 10 x 10 cm
every bear maker knows the problem with online shopping - 
the fabric actually fit my ideas, color, hair length, how does the fabric feel?
Brand new, we offer you from most of our fabrics samples in the size 10 x 10 cm. 
With a fabric sample of this size, the color, hair length and texture of the fabric are really good to see.
For each sample 1, - € as costs, we ship within Germany up to 5 samples without further postage costs
 to other countries it will be 3.90 € . 
Order up to 5 fabric samples and you will receive a voucher for the sample costs, which you will be credited with an order.
For example, you order 4 samples for a total of 4, - € and then receive a voucher for 4, - €, 
which you can redeem when placing an order.